This program will work for any size business, whether you have one truck or one hundred. We include 4 hours of  training and programming.   Additional custom programming and training is available at our nominal rates.  The program includes setup to your existing checks and logo setup for your invoices.  Please take advantage of this now.


Quotes                                Dispatch                                   Contracts and Forms

Ticket Entry                         Accounts Receivable               Accounts Payable

Drivers Information             Truck Maintenance                   Employee Payroll

DOT compliance Reports    Scan Documents                      Profit Module


We are sure we can help make your business more productive and profitable while at the same time making the day to day task, for you and your employees easier and simpler.

The Truck Tracker program is more affordable then you think it cost you only $1000 plus $1000 a year for technical support and free upgrades.  We will install the program and set it up on any networked computer in the office. Also we will set up the program for your checks and invoices. . Get yourself into a program written around you !!

We would love the opportunity to earn your business. Please call us and let’s discuss how we can help you. We don’t talk computer jargon, we talk real.  Also feel free to call any of our clients above and talk to them about their software and our service.