Is your local union's financial secretary still hand writing lost time, salary and expense checks?  Do you realize the time involved in this ancient process can be used to help service your Membership?  After all, isn't that the major goal of your local union anyway?

     Ever been through this scenario?  One of your disgruntled members calls wanting to know the status of the grievance that he/she filed with the union.  You get the members name and start to search through the union hall's file cabinets for the grievance paper work.  NO LUCK!  Next you start a series of phone calls trying to track down the shop steward/business agent who has been assigned to the members department.  NO LUCK!  While all of this "scrambling" is going on, your member is wondering why he/she is paying UNION DUES!  After all, servicing your membership efficiently is the major goal of your local union, isn't it?

Help your Local Union rise out of the "Dark Ages" and into today's "Technology Millenium".

     We can help you accomplish this goal.  Nova Software Solutions is a UNION ONLY company.  We have been servicing Local Unions with computer Software products for the past 20 YEARS!  We know your needs and how you operate.  We offer union software products that have been designed specifically for Local Unions.  These products include Union-EZ Finance, Membership, Dues Processing, and Grievance Tracking.  Our other services include on-site training and comprehensive product support programs.

     So, relax and find out how to get your Local Union out of the "Technology Dark Ages" Today!  This Webpage is designed to show you how!  Just follow the links on this page and learn how our Union Software Products can help you service your Local Union's Membership more efficiently.  If you have any questions after reviewing the information on this site, Please call us or email us.