Tom's Feed

  1. An apparent IT update is allegedly linked to a global IT outage for Microsoft Cloud services and BSoD
  2. Microsoft finally finishes launching Windows 11 Update 23H2, so any user who checks Windows Update can receive it.
  3. Jsaux has a new docking station aimed directly at handheld gaming PCs sporting Type-C connectivity. The dock comes with six ports in total and can prop up handheld devices for desk use.
  4. An AnandTech member benchmarked an engineering sample of AMD's Ryzen 9 9950X in Cinebench R23 at various power levels.
  5. A Windows-based gaming handheld with powerful Intel hardware inside. The MSI Claw is one of the new kids on the block in the gaming handheld market.
  6. Over a decade after AMD stopped using 3DNow!, the LLVM compiler is dropping support for the instruction set.
  7.'s Play With Cloud button will soon support Nvidia GeForce Now alongside Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly Project xCloud).
  8. Lamini AI, which used to be AMD exclusive, now supports Nvidia CUDA GPUs too.
  9. Here is the best CPU for gaming for the money, based on our benchmarks. These processors offer the best performance in their price ranges and most are suitable for overclocking.
  10. Nvidia began transitioning its Linux GPU drivers to open-source two years ago, and is now completing that move.