Tom's Feed

  1. SK Hynix retracts comments made by booth rep, claims its GDDR7 memory is on track for mass production in Q4 this year.
  2. This is the second time Microsoft has back-tracked on Recall.
  3. A Reddit user who got his hands on the newest Samsung Copilot+ PC early posted benchmarks, and the results are incredibly disappointing. The CPU clock speeds on the unit are locked to 2.5 GHz, much slower than the advertised 4.0 GHz boost.
  4. Spiritual_Aside_7859 uses a Raspberry Pi to power a stuffed koala bear assistant that uses ChatGPT to talk.
  5. The bank disclosed it fired the employees after finding they were giving the impression of working when they really weren't.
  6. Windows NT screensavers, including the most popular, get their origin story explained by Raymond Chen.
  7. With ever-soaring SSD prices, it's great to see a low $234 price tag on Adata's superfast 4TB XPG Gammix S70 Blade SSD.
  8. Xinhuazhang develops EDA tools compatible with Arm-based Huawei's Kunpeng and SPARCv9-based Phytium's FeiTeng processors.
  9. Intel fired back at AMD's recent AI benchmarks that claimed AMD's EPYC Turin is 5.4 times faster than Intel's Xeon chips in AI workloads. Intel counters with claims that its existing chips are faster than AMD's upcoming flagship.
  10. Samsung Foundry outlines roadmap for the next three years: 2nm, backside power delivery and more.