Tom's Feed

  1. From intricate geometries to working with supports, every aspect of the design process plays a great role in ensuring the success of the final print.
  2. The U.S. government sends more subpoenas to investigate Applied Material's business with Chinese entities.
  3. Today at Newegg, the Gigabyte GS32Q gaming monitor is available for its lowest price to date when you use promo code GS32524 before checking out.
  4. Microsoft unveils an AI upscaling solution for Windows 11 on ARM gamers, albeit only for Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors.
  5. The once-popular messaging and VOIP platform ICQ is scheduled to shut down on June 26. It was introduced almost thirty years ago and gained an impressive userbase during the pre-social media era.
  6. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 had more than double the performance of an Apple M2 device in a CPU-Z multi-threaded benchmark test.
  7. AMD is reportedly ditching its outgoing Ryzen nomenclature in favor of Ryzen AI 300 to better emphasize its CPUs' AI features and outplay Intel's upcoming Core Ultra 200 series CPUs, which will come with an "inferior" numbering scheme.
  8. Samsung's HBM3E reportedly consumes too much power and overheats, so Nvidia does not plan to use them for now.
  9. Memorial Day Sales are here, and Best Buy has this excellent budget mechanical gaming keyboard on sale for only $34.
  10. JEDI, Isambard-AI phase 1, and Helios, all using Nvidia Grace Hopper super chips, beat the current crop of supercomputers to reach the top three positions in the Green500.